How to tell a Colchester escort about your feelings

Did you ever get into a situation of loving a girl but afraid to tell because of rejection? Telling someone about your feelings sometimes crucial because of you don’t know their reaction. I also have the same situation but in different condition. I have fallen in love with a Colchester escort from; she is the girl I book over and over again. I was just captivated by her looks and a pretty smile. Since on my first meeting with her, I know it was love at first sight. I can’t go on without thinking with her. She keeps running on my mind, and I can’t help myself but tell about my feelings. How to say to a Colchester escort about your feelings:


  1. Friendly relationship

You have to be careful of everything to say to avoid misinterpretation. At first, you shouldn’t be too obvious to your feelings but getting to know her first. Build a friendly relationship with her like you can go out without malice. She can share your problems and achievements with you. You have to be her shoulder to cry on, her ears when no one is listening and her savior.


  1. Get her trusts

You have to know that she cannot trusts you and accept your feelings yet so better prove yourself first. You need to make sure that you will never betray her and be real about your words. Don’t make a promise to her when you can’t afford to do. You have to help her with her problems and look for solutions.


  1. Date her

After the two stages, you have to make a move but not too noticeable. You can ask her out and treat. Maybe you discuss life and your plans for the future. You have to tell your goals in life to make her want you too. That she thinks you are a responsible man. Give her something in your every date and make her laugh often.


  1. Be romantic

At the fourth stage, you need to be a little, romantic. Like giving her note of beautiful quotes. Sending her flowers at work. You can also ask if she is hungry and send it over. You can also use emojis to make a notice about you.


  1. Surprise her

The big day of expressing your love can be a form of surprise. You have to set a formal date for her. You had to buy her a flower and favorite stuff. You had to gather all your memories and make a video to it. You will play it when you’re expressing your love o her to look more romantic.


You have to plan everything first before expressing your feelings towards your Colchester escort.

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