Is there such a thing as a sexy diet?

That was a question brought up by one of my men at London escorts from this week. We get asked all sorts of things by our men and to be honest, I am not so sure that I am giving the right answer to all them at all time. But diet and healthy living is a passion of mine, and many of the other girls here at London escorts has the same perception. I have my own version of a sexy diet and I do share it with my dates. I never kept it by myself, I want others to experience the best that I had with my diet. For me sharing it would be an honor that one way or another I able to partake something to others which is beneficial especially to health. Like most other Swedish girls I have a real passion for fish. As a matter of fact, I think that many Swedish girls eat as much fish as many Spanish people do. Personally I eat fish at least once a day and it makes me feel really good. Lots of the gents that I date at London escorts know that I have a secret seafood passion. For instance, they all know that I eat smoked salmon for breakfast every day. It is just a bagel topped with some smoked salmon. They already know my sentiments in terms of the food that I love to eat for a day. They never find it boring instead they tried it and most of them starting to like it which then lead us into our bonding moment. Eating salmon bonding as what they call it. Funny thing to know it but it helps a lot in our health and not only has that it helped us on our bonding session as escorts personality. The other thing that I really like is for my lunch is tuna with parsley. Both are super healthy and I keep telling my men at London escorts that both parsley and tuna can help you to increase your libido. Eating it more than a couple of times per week will help to improve your blood circulation and that will do wonders for your blood pressure. When your blood pressure comes down, your libido will increase and that is just great. Anything to improve your sex life can help a lot. Eating appropriately helps a lot in your life and this is the main reason why I want others understand the benefits of it into human’s health. I may sound ridiculous at times but as long as you will understand me you will really appreciate its value. Another thing that you should include in your sexy diet is celery. Celery is just great for better sex as it cleanses the blood. People who eat a lot of celery have better hormonal balance and that is vital when it comes to having great sex.

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